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Annual CAS Recertification/Renewal

The American Academy requires an annual recertification/renewal of the CAS certification. Changes in the field of addictions require Academy members to be committed to lifelong learning by maintaining an awareness of research findings, advancements in treatment techniques and therapeutic approaches. The Academy's minimum 20-hour continuing education annual requirement is designed to foster professional development and to ensure the Academy members are well-informed about contemporary addictions research and treatment information. A Code of Ethics must be signed annually. Recertification is not automatic.


Recertification/Renewal Requirements 


Continuing Education

Continuing education hours submitted for annual recertification/renewal must be documented with approved certificates of attendance, to include the name of the certificant, the name of the program/class, date, sponsor, approval agency, location of the training, number of approved CEU hours. Continuing education hours submitted are subject to the review and approval of the American Academy.

The American Academy requires a minimum of 20 CEU hours annually; however, if additional hours are submitted, they will be carried forward for one year only and credited towards the next renewal.

The American Academy approved online distance learning courses may be accepted towards recertification/renewal CEU hours. ( )



Recertification/Renewal Notices

A certificant's recertification/renewal submission that meets the requirements will be renewed for one year and the certificant will receive written notification of renewal and an updated membership card.

If the recertification/renewal is incomplete, the member will be notified and incomplete areas noted.

Late fees apply to recertification/renewals that are not completed by the renewal date.